ACC levy calculators

ACC’s levy calculators help you find out what your levies might be; choose a link to a calculator for your levy payer type and product:





You can access all the ACC levy calculators at


Important notes about using the levy calculators

  • The calculators provide an indication of your base levy rate only – this is before any experience rating adjustments are made.
  • Your actual levy will be calculated based on the liable earnings information you provide to Inland Revenue. If that information differs from that provided for these calculations, your levy will also differ.
  • The calculations you make using the calculators are neither a quote nor an estimate. They are indicative; the final invoice(s) you receive from ACC will take precedence over any calculations obtained by using this tool.
  • While all due care and attention has been taken to ensure the rates and prices used in the calculators are correct, there is no liability accepted for any inaccuracy, loss or damage suffered by any party that results from the use of, or action taken based on calculations made using these calculators.


How do I get more help

If you have any questions, or problems accessing/using these calculators, please call or email ACC’s Business Services:

Self-employed 0508 426 837
Small, medium and large businesses 0800 222 776
Tax agents 0800 222 991



Updated: 8 October 2015

Reviewed: 5 October 2015