Have your say on what you pay

Every two years you have an opportunity to have your say on any aspect of ACC Scheme during our public consultation. This is your Scheme – have a hand in shaping it.

What is levy consultation?

Before the levies are set, we give businesses, communities and individuals throughout New Zealand an opportunity to provide feedback. This is called levy consultation.

Once the proposed rates have been published and levy consultation has opened, you have at least 28 days to provide your feedback by making a written submission on the Shape your ACC website. When the consultation period has ended, the submissions are presented to the ACC Board. The ACC Board then reviews the feedback and makes final recommendations to the Minister for ACC.

The Minister may seek advice from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Treasury and other agencies before making recommendations to Cabinet, which makes the final decision. The levies for the Work Account and Earners’ Account come into effect each year from 1 April and the Motor Vehicle Account from 1 July.

The levy-setting process graphic (PDF 230KB) shows the six key stages of the levy setting process for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

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Reviewed: 13 September 2016