ACC Glossary

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AC Act 2001 ACC accounts ACC Accredited Employer Programme (AEP) ACC client services contact ACC CoverPlus Extra Levy ACC Glossary ACC medical advisor ACC WorkPlace Cover Levy ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices ACC WorkSafe Injury Model ACC054 ACC1 ACC18 ACC40 ACC45 Accredited employer Accredited Employer (AE) Account Manager Actions Active claims Actuary Acupuncturist Acute care Adjusted liable earnings Administration expenses Age Ageing process injury All practicable steps Alternative duties ASIA scale Assessment Report and Treatment Plan


Back Injuries Budget and Economic Fiscal Update (BEFU) Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Business industry description (BID)


Case Management Quality Review Assessment (CMQRA) Case manager Cease date Certified copy Chiropractor Claims Claims Management Period Classification unit Client Clinical dental technician Clinical practice guideline Close company Code complaint Compensation or Rehabilitation Claims Consumables Continuous study Contract Manager Cost Council of Trade Unions (CTU) Crown entity Current costs Custodial sentence


December Economic and Fiscal Update (DEFU) Deferral Dental advisor Dental technician Dentist Dentist (registered dentist) Department of Labour (DOL) Dependant Direct negotiation Discharge Report Driving offence Drowned Drowning Duration


Earner Levy Earnings related compensation Elective surgery Emergency transport Entitlement Established in self-employment Event maintenance Evidence based Evidence Based Review Evidence table Excessive in intensity Executive Council (EC) Exemplary damages Experience rating Expert advisory panel


Face-to-face meeting Financial Years First date of incapacity Focus group interviews Formal manager referral Framework Full-time Full-time equivalent (FTE) Fully funded scheme


General offence Glossary of ACC terms Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) Government Inter-agency Steering Group (GISG) Grading of Evidence Gradual process Group Interviewing


Harm Hazard Health Health professional Health service vendor


Immersion incident Impairment Incapacity Incident Independence allowance Indexation Individual plan/Individual rehabilitation plan Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) Industry group Initiative Injury Injury factor Injury setting Injury Type Involving violence


Key point


Lead provider Legislation Levy Liable earnings Location Long Term Service Claimant Lump sum compensation


Major case Market research project Maximum earnings Medical assessor Medical error Medical misadventure Medical mishap Medical practitioner Medical radiation technologist Medical specialist Mental injury Metadata Midwife Minimise Minimum earnings Minor Mixed earner Modified duties Musculo-skeletal


Natural use of teeth New Claims New Sport Codes in 2004 New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy (NZIPS) Newly self-employed Noise-induced hearing loss Non-Earners' Purchase Agreement (NEPA) Non-PAYE shareholder-employee Non-physical stress Non-work personal injury Normative Profile (PAPI-N) Nurse Nurse practitioner


Objective Occupational therapist Office of the Complaints Investigator (OCI) Ongoing claims Optometrist Ordinarily resident Ordinarily resident in New Zealand Orthodontics Orthosis Orthotics Osteopath


Package of care Part-time Pay-as-you-go scheme PAYE shareholder-employee Personal injury Pharmacist Physical injury Physiotherapist Podiatrist Poisoning Policy Practising certificate Preferred provider or supplier Premium Primary standard Private domestic worker Procedure Procurement Programme Project Prosthesis Provider or "Service Provider" Psychiatrist Psychologist


Qualitative information Quality assurance (QA) Quantitative information


Recently self-employed Recover Independence Service (RIS) client Registered health professional Registration of Interest (ROI) Regulation Regulations Rehabilitation Research project Research question Residential care settings Residual Claims Levy Residual liability Residual portion of levies Residual portion of the Earners' Levy Residual portion of the Work Account levy Return to work programme


Safety Scope of practice Sensitive claim Sensitive Claims Unit Sentinel event Serious driving offence Serious event Serious harm Serious injury (SI) Serious injury (SI) profile Service Agreement (SA) Shareholder-employee Shareholder-employee with PAYE deductions Shareholder-employee without PAYE deductions Significant hazard Silent partner Social rehabilitation Soft tissue injury Solicited research Speech therapist Stakeholder Reference Group Standard Statement of Intent (SOI) Stop loss limit Suitable duties Supplier Support person


Third party Third party administrator (TPA) Traumatic hearing loss Treatment Treatment claims Treatment injury Treatment provider


Unethical or illegal behaviour


Vendor Vision Vocational independence Vocational rehabilitation


Water safety sector Weekly compensation Witholding Tax (WHT) Work Work-related injury Work-related motor vehicle personal injury Work-related personal injury Working group Working Safer Levy Workplace Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme (WSMP) Workwise