About ACC

Overview of ACC

At ACC, it’s our job to support you if you’ve been injured by helping you get back to work and everyday life as soon as possible. It’s also our job to try to stop injuries from happening in the first place.


ACC collects statistics for injuries suffered by New Zealanders as they live, work and play. We are currently updating this section with the latest information.

Consultation - have your say

Find out about the consultations that are happening within ACC.


Find out about research at ACC.


This information is for suppliers and providers to ACC, as well as those who are interested in being one of our suppliers or providers. It covers areas such as: privacy, fraud and how to provide feedback on a procurement process.


ACC invests to help meet the costs of injury claims.

Request official information

Find out how to get our official information.

Media centre

The ACC Media Centre gives members of the media quick access to facts and stats about ACC and information about our key functions, processes, legislation and the executive leadership team.

Reports and strategy

ACC is accountable to all New Zealanders; everyone contributes, and everyone wants value. You can access ACC’s accountability documents here, showing our strategy, reports and agreements with the Government.

About Levies

Levies are paid by businesses, motor vehicle owners and employees for injury cover that is funded by the ACC Scheme.


Find out about the legislation that governs ACC, including the Accident Compensation Act 2001.


Find out about the types of events and initiatives that ACC sponsors.