Levies are paid by businesses, motor vehicle owners and employees for injury cover that is funded by the ACC Scheme. Levies are reviewed and set each year. We also collect residual levies to pay for the ongoing costs of work injuries suffered before 1 July1999 and non-work injuries to earners suffered before 1 July1992.

How we’re funded

The Accident Compensation Scheme is divided into five parts called Accounts. Each Account covers specific groups of injuries. Funding comes from levies based on liable earnings, from motor vehicle ownership and usage, and the Government Budget.

What levies cover

We provide a range of injury cover for New Zealanders, and visitors to New Zealand, including motor vehicle, non-work and work-related injuries. Employers can seek discounted levies in return for taking responsibility for workplace health and safety.

Current year’s levy rates

Levy rates are reviewed and set every year. Find out the current year’s levy rates.

Levy consultation

Annually, the ACC Board has a responsibility to review the levies it charges and then recommend any changes it thinks are required to the Minister for ACC. But before we reach this stage we hold a period of public consultation, which is when businesses, communities and individuals throughout New Zealand are invited to provide feedback and ideas on our proposals and other plans for the upcoming year by lodging a submission during the consultation period.

Look-through Company (LTC) and ACC levies

On 1 April 2011, Inland Revenue introduced a new structure called a Look-through Company (LTC) as one of the options available to replace the LAQC. These changes have ACC levy implications for LTC owners.

Last updated: 1 April 2014

Last reviewed: 17 December 2013