Client information

If you would like ACC to comment on a specific case, you need to get the client to sign a privacy waiver. See a client’s right to privacy for more information. Once the client involved signs the privacy waiver form, scan and email it back to us.

A client’s right to privacy

ACC takes client privacy very seriously. Our requirement to protect their privacy is prescribed by:

  • our own legislation
  • the Privacy Act 1993
  • the Official Information Act 1982
  • the Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

In most circumstances we are unable to specifically comment on any claim or potential claim without the consent of the individual concerned. If the person involved supplies us with a signed ACC privacy waiver authorisation (PDF 24K) we can then comment on any issues specific to the claim in question.

Getting general comments from ACC

If the person involved doesn’t agree to sign the privacy waiver, ACC can supply general information about processes in similar kinds of situations without commenting directly on the claim.

If, however, a person makes comments about ACC that are inaccurate and will therefore mislead the public, we’ll endeavour to clarify the situation and may point out the inaccuracies of a specific claim to do this.

When ACC can’t comment

ACC can also be constrained in circumstances where matters are before the court and comments made may impact on the fairness and propriety of those proceedings.

Getting comments on specific cases

If you would like ACC to comment on a specific case, please ensure you have the claimant involved sign the privacy waiver form, then scan and email it back to us.

Contacting the ACC Media Team

For more information please see Media Team contacts.

Updated: 2 April 2015

Reviewed: 26 March 2015