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This page holds links to information on the events, promotions and campaigns we’re supporting.

We get involved with campaigns, events and promotions that tie in with what we’re trying to do in New Zealand – that’s keep people in New Zealand safe, and should they get injured, make sure that they get the support they need.

Information about sponsorship

We generally don’t accept requests for sponsorship. Instead we go out and talk to people who are having events, promotions, or setting up campaigns. But if you want to make enquiry, email

ACC Workplace Safety Award

As well as helping people who’ve been injured get the treatment and rehabilitation they need, one of our main goals is to prevent injury in the first place. Which is the main reason why we’ve chosen to sponsor the Workplace Safety Award at a number of regional Business Excellence Awards. The award recognises people and organisations that are leading the way in managing hazards and preventing accidents in their workplace, and so help to reduce the personal and social costs of injury. To find out more, and maybe apply yourself, go to:

ACC Workplace Safety Awards

Paralympics New Zealand

We’ve chosen to be a major partner of Paralympics New Zealand, supporting the New Zealand Paralympic Games Team on their road to Rio. To find out why we’re in this partnership, and why we think its important to our clients, staff and the rest of New Zealand, go to:

Paralympics New Zealand

2017 New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards / Safeguard National Health and Safety Conference 2017

We support organisations that are making a difference in health and safety by wanting to see them recognised at the 2017 New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards, which will be held during the Safeguard National Health and Safety Conference 2017.

Find out more by going to:

Celebrate health and safety initiatives

Reviewed 7 July 2016