Overview of ACC

ACC's main services

We work closely with businesses and the community, to try to prevent injuries from happening and to make New Zealand a safer place. But when injuries do happen, we’re here to help too. We’ll manage your injury claim, coordinating services and working closely with health professionals to help you get back to work and everyday life as quickly as possible.

Managing claims

ACC helps to provide treatment, care and services for anyone who is injured in New Zealand. Once you’ve made a claim with us, our experienced staff will work with you to make sure you get the support you need.

Depending on what kind of injury you have, and whether or not you can work, we can help with things like:

  • the cost of medical treatment, and other rehabilitation services
  • weekly income – we can pay you up to 80% of your usual income
  • special equipment to help you get by at home or work
  • programmes to help you get back to work, or to live independently.

For more information, go to Making a claim.

Your cover

ACC provides ‘no fault’ injury cover. This means you can apply for our help no matter what you were doing, or where you were, when you were injured.

Whether your injury happened on the road, at work, at home or during sport or some other recreational activity, you’re covered by ACC.

We also cover you if you’re not working, if you’re a visitor to New Zealand, or if you’re a New Zealander returning home with an injury (as long as you’re still resident here, and have been travelling for less than six months).

Work-related injuries and business cover

Everyone in New Zealand is covered by ACC for injuries that happen at work. To help cover the costs of these injuries, employers and self-employed people pay an annual ‘work levy’, based on the liable payroll of their business and the risk associated with the industry it belongs to (go to how we’re funded).

The specific amount of the work levy is set for each industry once a year, after a consultation process that takes into account public feedback.

We have a range of cover products, discounts and payment options for work levy payers. These are provided through our Business Service Centre.

We’re also continually improving our services for work levy payers, through things like:

  • an online levy payment facility
  • levy discounts for workplace safety
  • workplace safety programmes
  • special information for tax agents and business advisors.

For more information for businesses, go to:

Non-work injury cover

If you’re injured at home, while taking part in sports or recreational activities, or simply while doing the shopping, you can apply for help from ACC by going to your doctor for treatment.

Everyone who’s in the workforce pays an earner levy which helps cover the costs of these out-of-work injuries. This levy is charged at a flat rate, which means everyone pays the same rate (regardless of the industry you’re working in).

If you aren’t working (eg you’re retired, a child, a student or a tourist) the cost of your cover is met by the Government.

Go to more information about non-work injury cover

Injury cover on the roads

ACC provides cover for anyone in New Zealand who’s injured in or by a motor vehicle on a public road.

This cover applies whether you’re the driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or a cyclist, no matter who caused the accident or what type of vehicles were involved, eg a car, truck etc.

The cost of this cover is met through levies charged on the cost of petrol and the vehicle licensing fee.

For more information go to the for individuals section.

How we’re preventing injuries

Reducing injuries is an important goal for us. We do this by working closely with businesses, community groups and other government agencies, to make New Zealand a safer place in which to live and work.

Our injury prevention work focuses on the following key areas:

For more information about injury prevention initiatives, go to Preventing injuries.

Working with treatment providers

Our role mean we work closely with health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, dentists and counsellors, who we call ‘treatment providers’.

As well as treating your injury, the first treatment provider you visit for your injury will also fill out your ACC claim form and send it to us. We keep in touch with your treatment provider about your treatment, especially if your injury is more serious.

To receive payment from us for the services they provide, treatment providers must be registered with ACC.

If you’re a registered treatment provider, you can access a large range of resources in the ‘For Providers’ section of this website. For example, you can:

  • view and modify your details
  • search for contact details of other providers
  • download up-to-date news and reviews about best practice and clinical guidelines.

For more information, go to for providers.

Updated: 1 July 2015
Reviewed: 24 February 2015