Overview of ACC

Our job is to support you if you’ve been injured, by helping you get back to work and everyday life as quickly as possible. We also work with businesses and the community, to try to stop injuries from happening in the first place. Anyone in New Zealand can apply for help from us, even if you’re just visiting here from overseas. Because of the support available through ACC, you can’t sue for personal injury in New Zealand, except for exemplary damages.

Introduction to ACC

All about us, what we do, and the story of ACC from our beginning to the present day.

Key people

Who sets the overall direction of ACC, and manages our organisation?
Find details here, including profiles of our Board Members and Executive Leadership Team.

Our main services

Find out more about what our main aims, roles and services are.

How we’re funded

Where does the money come from to pay for all the services ACC provides?
Read about the six ‘levy accounts’ that fund our services, who pays levies and how we calculate them.

Direction and Performance

Track ACC's progress towards our goals.

Where we are around New Zealand

Here you can see all of ACC's locations, people and important contacts.

Investment returns

Summary of ACC's investments and their relative performance returns against benchmark.

Listening to the Voice of the Customer

We value the views of our customers, so we’ve set up a Voice of the Customer programme to understand the thoughts and opinions of the people that we work for.

Last updated: 9 February 2015

Last reviewed: 24 February 2015