Where we are around New Zealand

Approximately 3,000 staff members work in31 locations around New Zealand. They include a network of 25 branch offices, plus service centres, contact centres, specialised units and Corporate Office.

Map of branches, centres and units

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ACC’s branch network covers five regional areas:

  • Auckland
  • Midlands and East Coast
  • Wellington and West Coast North Island
  • Northern South Island
  • Southern South Island.

Branch staff work with clients who have serious and high-risk injuries, and/or have long-term claims.

Contact us - Locate ACC branch by map.

Inquiry Service Centre

The Inquiry Service Centre (ISC) provides call centre services from two locations – Hamilton and Dunedin. Experienced client contact staff answer incoming phone queries from ACC clients, providers, employers and other key stakeholders. Calls made to branches, contact and service centres are directed to the ISC in the first instance.

Contact Centres

Staff at Contact Centres manage claims of shorter duration. For example, claims for clients who will have fewer than 70 days off work as a result of their accident and/or fewer than 90 days of home-based rehabilitation, such as home help or personal care. Contact Centres are located in Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Service and Processing Centres

Staff at Service and Processing Centres located in Dunedin, Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland and Lower Hutt receive, register and assess injury claims for cover.

Teams who calculate and process weekly compensation payments for clients are located in Dunedin, Timaru, Christchurch, Lower Hutt, Hamilton and Auckland.

Service and Processing Centres also:

  • manage accidental death, hearing loss and dental claims
  • assess requests for rehabilitation entitlements
  • process claim-related invoices to service providers.

Specialised units

Three specialised units are based in Wellington. They deal with claims for treatment injury, sexual abuse or assault and serious injury.

Treatment Injury Centre

Specialist staff assess and make decisions on claims that involve injuries resulting from medical treatment provided by registered health professionals. The Centre also collects data from treatment injury claims.

Before 1 July 2005 treatment injuries were referred to as medical misadventure.

For more information about treatment injury claims, see Injury resulting from medical treatment.

Sensitive Claims Unit

Claims for physical and/or mental injury suffered as a result of sexual abuse or sexual assault are assessed and managed by the Sensitive Claims Unit.

For more information about sensitive claims, see Injury resulting from sexual abuse or assault.

National Serious Injury Service

The National Serious Injury Service (NSIS) specialises in working with people who have suffered serious injury, such as a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury. The work is coordinated through a national office in Wellington, and specialist team members work out of ACC branches around New Zealand.

Support coordinators work with seriously injured people and their families to assess their needs. They help people adjust to living with a serious injury and set goals, such as living independently or returning to work.

For more information about serious injury, see National Serious Injury Service.

Business Service Centre

The Business Service Centre, located in Wellington, manages contacts with business clients. It assists levy payers to understand their ACC levies, manages payment options and resolves queries.

Corporate Office

ACC’s head office is based in Wellington and is home to business groups that are responsible for managing all ACC’s corporate operations, such as finance, human resources, scheme management, marketing and communications, and Māori and community relations.

Last updated: 3 April 2014

Last reviewed: 9 June 2015