This information is for suppliers and providers to ACC, as well as those who are interested in being one of our suppliers or providers. It covers areas such as: privacy, fraud and how to provide feedback on a procurement process.

Procurement privacy at ACC

Privacy is important to ACC as we handle a lot of personal and health information for a large number of people. Therefore, we have high privacy expectations for our suppliers and providers. All businesses are required by law to have a privacy officer (external website), and ACC expects suppliers’ privacy officers to manage privacy risks and to have robust processes in place to support privacy. ACC expects suppliers to have an escalation process in place should a privacy breach or near miss occur.

For more information, see Procurement privacy at ACC – what this means for you.


Fraud and corruption protection is very important to ACC. We’re all passionate and committed to our purpose and vision and therefore have very high expectations of our suppliers and providers as well.

We know it’s pretty rare to see any fraud, theft or corruption occurring. But occasionally you may see or hear something and feel the need to question the behaviour. As a valued partner to ACC, we rely on you to help us protect our integrity.

For more information on what you can do to protect our integrity, see the Fraud risk at ACC flyer (PDF 199K).

How to provide feedback or complain about a procurement process

We aim to be professional in all of our procurement practices, but if you don’t think we got it quite right, let us know. Check out the options available on the How to provide feedback or complain about a procurement process page.

Procurement terms and conditions

The following are ACC’s terms and conditions for engaging suppliers of rehabilitation and treatment service:

Updated: 4 September 2014

Reviewed: 16 March 2015