Request official information

We’re bound by the Official Information Act 1982 (external link), which means you can ask us for the information we hold.

Official information is different from personal information, which is defined under the Privacy Act 1983 and is information about you. To find out more about personal information, go to our privacy notice.

How to find official information we hold

First, look at our website. You may find that what you need is already publicly available, as we produce and publish a lot of our official information there. Two good places to look are:

  1. About ACC which links to our statistics, media information, reports and strategy, levies and levy consultation and other useful information
  2. Publications where you can search for a document or view documents by subject.

Asking for official information

You can make a request for official information by email, post or phone. Go to our main Contact us page for options.

Remember to give your name, postal address or preferred email address, and as much detail as possible about the information you want, including any specific details.

You can get more guidance about requesting official information by downloading our information sheet INOIS01 Requesting official information (DOC 140K).

How we deal with your request

We will let you know we have your request, usually within 24 hours, and try to get the information to you within 20 working days of receiving it. We’ll always let you know if it’s going to take longer.

If we aren’t able to give you the information, or we need to transfer your request to another agency, we’ll always let you know.

We may ask you to give us further information to help with your request, or work with you to narrow your request if the scope is very broad.

Who to contact about a problem

If you’ve questions or there is a problem, please talk in the first place to the person who’s been working on your request. If you’ve not had a response by the due date, or you’re not happy with our response, you can complain to the Ombudsman:

Updated: 26 May 2016