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Get ACC Research Ethics Committee approval for your research

ACC meets ethical requirements when conducting research. We have a committee and a set of guidelines to ensure these requirements are met. Researchers who are planning on conducting research that involves, or affects, ACC clients, or uses our claims data will need approval from our Research Ethics Committee.

Research Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee oversees ethical issues relating to research. They approve all the research applications involving ACC clients and data, ensuring the proposed research is to a high ethical standard consistent with legislation and national best practice.

Members of the Committee are from inside and outside ACC. The current external and ACC members are:

External members

  • John Kleinsman, Head of Research and Director, The Nathaniel Centre
  • Hilary Stace, Research Fellow, Health Services Research Centre, School of Government, Victoria University.

ACC members

  • ACC Privacy Officer
  • Representative from the Clinical Services Directorate
  • Manager Information Strategy & Planning
  • National Manager, Cultural Services.

Applying for ACC Research Ethics Committee approval

To apply to the Research Ethics Committee for research approval:

Guidance on completing the ethics application

The ACC Research Ethics Committee has developed guidance to support both our staff and external researchers. The guidelines aim to:

  • lay an effective ethical foundation for research
  • promote high ethical standards consistent with legislation and national best practice.

For more information download the Guiding principles to assist completion of ACC Research Ethics Committee application (PDF 259KB).

Meeting dates

These are the meeting dates for the Research Ethics Committee:

Meeting dates for 2017

Note: Ethics applications are due to the secretary of the Research Ethics Committee two weeks prior to the ethics meeting.

Research Ethics Committee meeting date

Date ethics applications due to Secretary

8 March

22 February

12 April

29 March

10 May

26 April

14 June

31 May

12 July

28 June

9 August

26 July

13 September

30 August

11 October

27 September

8 November

25 October

13 December

29 November

Contact details

Email any enquiries about our research ethics to

Reviewed: 20 February 2017