Research at ACC

Find out about our research and our unit that manages the research.

Research unit

Our research work is managed by our Research unit. The unit oversees a programme of work that informs our decision making, guides health purchasing and supports best practice among treatment providers. The unit is based at our corporate offices in Wellington.

The Research unit is responsible for commissioning and managing the research projects, service evaluations and market research that we fund. Its work includes:

  • providing advice to ensure that our purchasing is based on good evidence
  • producing resources to support health professionals’ development and promote best practice in injury management and rehabilitation
  • carrying out evaluations to assess the effectiveness of our programmes and policies
  • undertaking surveys to ensure that key stakeholders are satisfied with our services
  • piloting and testing new ideas to help us work more effectively
  • identifying new and emerging issues that might have an impact on us in the future – we call this process ‘horizon scanning’.

Evidence Based Healthcare

Advising our staff on the effectiveness and safety of healthcare interventions is a major part of the Research unit’s work. It uses rigorous and systematic methods based on those of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (external link) and the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (external link) to identify and evaluate existing international research and make recommendations to guide our purchasing decisions and promote evidence based practice.

The unit produces a range of evidence based healthcare reports for ACC staff including:

  • Evidence based reviews
  • Purchasing guidance
  • Clinical guidelines.

To access the evidence based healthcare reports go to the

Evidence based healthcare (EBH) reports page.

Clinical practice guidelines

To access the clinical practice guidelines go to the Clinical practice guidelines page.

Research funding and ethics


Our research activities fall into three main categories depending on how they are funded:

  1. Commissioned research carried out by external research providers.
  2. Co-funded research projects of mutual interest to us and other funding organisations such as the Health Research Council (external link) or the Ministry of Health (external link).
  3. Research carried out internally, eg evidence based healthcare reports.


We follow ethical requirements when conducting research. We have a committee and a set of guidelines to ensure these requirements are met, find out more on the Get ACC Research Ethics Committee approval for your research page.

Related legislation

Accident Compensation Act 2001

Part 7 Accident Compensation Corporation, Section 263 Prevention of personal injury (external link).

Contact details

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