ACC sponsors a small number of events and initiatives that we seek out ourselves to help achieve our organisational goals. Some of our sponsorships are described on this page.

Why does ACC sponsor

ACC has two key roles – to help prevent injuries, and to help people who’ve been injured get back to everyday life.

To do these jobs well, we need to make sure people are well informed about the things they can do to stay safe, and what help they can get from ACC if they do get injured.

Sponsorships are one way we can share these important messages. We carefully choose sponsorships which address our strategic objectives and we seek them out directly with the organisations concerned. We do not generally accept ad-hoc or unsolicited requests for sponsorship.

ACC sponsorships

Attitude Awards

The Attitude Awards honour the outstanding achievements of New Zealanders with disabilities. The finalists remind us of the valuable contributions that are made by people living with a disability – whether it be economic, sporting, cultural or in any other area, and they inspire us all to keep reaching for our goals.

ACC is committed to helping people back to as independent a life as possible following an injury and employment can be a huge part of that. ACC is proud to sponsor the Attitude ACC Employer Award, as well as the Attitude ACC Supreme Award. The Attitude ACC Employer Award is awarded to an organisation that demonstrates an exemplary level of support, commitment and innovation throughout their organisation with regard to employees with disabilities.

The Attitude ACC Supreme Award is awarded to one of seven category winners; an individual who is chosen for being a shining light, who has had a major positive impact on their wider community.

ACC Workplace Safety Award

As well as helping people who’ve been injured get the treatment and rehabilitation they need, one of ACC’s main goals is to prevent injury in the first place. ACC sponsors the Workplace Safety Award at a number of regional Business Excellence Awards. The award recognises people and organisations that are leading the way in managing hazards and preventing accidents in their workplace, thus helping to reduce the personal and social costs of injury.

Where to get more information

For sponsorship enquiries, please email: sponsorship@acc.co.nz.

Last updated: 21 May 2013

Last reviewed: 3 March 2015