Injury statistics are a vital tool for injury prevention. They help us analyse claim trends, identify priority target areas, and develop programmes to reduce the number and cost of injuries to New Zealanders. We also use them to gauge the effectiveness of our injury prevention work.

We manage about 1.6 million injury claims each year, and collect as much information about those injuries as possible. All statistics are approximate as ACC relies on information provided in the ACC45 Injury claim form.

ACC injury statistics tool

Use this online tool to access various injury statistics, eg paid injury claims.

Data for research purposes

ACC meets ethical requirements when conducting research. We have a committee and a set of guidelines to ensure these requirements are met.

Commonly requested statistics

Our most commonly requested statistics from 2010-2014. Our figures may differ from those held by the Department of Labour, and we only collect statistics for injuries or fatalities for which a claim was lodged with us.

Injury claims statistics

Sporting claim statistics 2010-2014 (XLS 914K)

Motorcycle claim statistics 2010-2014 (XLS 273K)

Cycling claim statistics 2010-2014 (XLS 285K)

Key statistics from the 2014/2015 Annual Report

In 2014/2015 ACC accepted 1.8 million new claims:

  • 193,991 new claims for workplace injuries
  • 32,534 new claims for road injuries
  • 471,980 for sports and recreation injuries
  • 1,139,339 for injuries in the home and community.

These claims were looked after by 1,917 staff.

In 2014/2015:

  • 11,742 knee surgeries and 6,403 shoulder surgeries were covered by ACC
  • Over 989,000 clients visited their GP
  • Over 472,000 clients received physiotherapy
  • Over 37,000 clients had surgery.

In 2014/2015 ACC spent:

  • $3.2 billion over the year on claims
  • $771 million on hospital treatment and surgery
  • $514 million on care and support
  • $1,190 million on compensation for people unable to work.


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Updated: 21 April 2016

Reviewed: 21 April 2016