Resolving issues

At ACC we aim to provide a high standard of customer service at all times. If you’re unhappy with our service or with a decision that has been made, please let us know. We want to resolve things fairly and as quickly as possible.

If you have a problem with a levy

If you have a problem with a levy or levy invoice, eg if you disagree with the amount of liable earnings, or think you are being charged the wrong levy rate, please contact our Business Services Centre.

If you have a problem with a claim

If you are unhappy about the management of your claim, you can make a complaint.

ACC is bound by the Code of ACC Claimants’ Rights (PDF 17K). The purpose of this Code is to protect your rights as a client, to make sure that ACC offers the highest possible level of customer service and resolves your issues fairly and quickly.

For more information see What if I have a problem with a claim?

Making a complaint

Issues are often cleared up quickly and easily when they are raised with the people who understand the details of your situation. So please contact the person you have been dealing with or their manager.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, or have tried discussing the matter and are still not satisfied, you can contact our Customer Support Service. You can find their contact details in the brochure, ACC2393 Working together to resolve issues (PDF 364K).

If you do make a complaint or ask for a review ACC will:

  • take your concern, complaint or review seriously
  • be committed to dealing with it in a fair, open and respectful manner
  • resolve it as quickly as possible
  • treat you with courtesy
  • keep you informed at all stages
  • take responsibility for working with you until the issue is resolved
  • not discriminate against you because of it. You will not be disadvantaged in any way.

Last reviewed: 1 July 2014
Last updated: 3 July 2012