How to pay

How do I pay?

This page details the options for paying ACC levies, and explains what happens if levies are not paid on time and the debt collection process.

What payment options are there?

Payment option

How do I pay?

Additional information

Credit Card

Go to our Enter payment information area before the invoice due date to begin the process of paying by credit card.

You’ll need your credit card details and invoice to pay using this secure and easy method.

ACC’s bank, Westpac, applies an online convenience fee of 2.49% to any credit card amount you pay.

There is a minimum online convenience fee of $3.50.

ACC does not receive any part of Westpac’s online convenience fee.

Online banking

Pay your invoice online by going to the online banking area for your bank:

  • ANZ (external link)
    ANZ internet banking help number: 0800 368 524
  • ASB (external link)
    ASB internet banking help number: 0800 272 272
  • BNZ (external link)
    BNZ internet banking help number: 0800 999 269
  • HSBC (external link)
    HSBC internet banking help number: 0800 802 380
  • Kiwibank (external link)
    Kiwibank internet banking help number: 0800 113 355
  • TSB (external link)
    TSB internet banking help number: 0508 692 265
  • Westpac (external link)
    Westpac internet banking help number: 0800 400 600

Important note:
If you have trouble making an online payment please contact your bank in the first instance.

There are two online methods of paying levies online through your bank:

  1. Bill payments (or similar)
    ACC bank details are preloaded at the banks we have listed.
    Search for us on your bank’s list of pre-approved payees (usually a dropdown list in alphabetical order).
      1. Automatic payments – direct credit
        These are payments made to a company or person using information that they have provided to you. For payment of an ACC levy use the following format:
        • Code field
        • ACC Number
        • Reference Field
        • Invoice/Time Payment Arrange (TPA) number.
        You may also be required to supply the following additional information for either payment method:
          • employment status (ie self-employed, employer or shareholder)
          • start date/stop date of your payment plan
          • Swift Code: WPACNZ2W (only when paying from an overseas bank account).
          1. Payment directly into ACC bank account
            If you are unable to set up electronic payment with the banks we have listed here, use the following information to set up your payment.
            Our bank details are:
            • Name of bank: Westpac
            • Name of account: Accident Compensation Corporation
            • Account number: 03 0502 0287400 002
            To ensure we process your payment correctly, you need to provide the following information:
            • Particulars: Levy Account name
            • Payee Code: ACC number eg YN123456E or Y1234567E
            • Reference: Invoice number or Time payment number.

            Westpac branch

            Call in at your nearest Westpac branch before the due date and pay your invoice with cash, cheque or Eftpos.

            Ideally you should have your invoice when paying, but you can pay at a Westpac branch without your invoice provided you have your ACC or invoice number.

            For a Westpac near you, visit the Westpac website (external link).

            New Zealand Postshop

            Call in at your nearest New Zealand Postshop before the due date and pay your invoice with cash, cheque or Eftpos.

            For a PostShop near you, see the PostShop Locator (external link).

            One-off direct debit payment

            You can pay your invoice with a one-off direct debit payment on your due date.

            Complete the ACC1768 Direct debit or instalment payments (PDF 956K) form and post to the ACC Business Service Centre or scan and email it to

            Direct debit instalments

            You can pay your invoice in instalments. Two options are available.

            • 4 to 6 months (fortnightly or monthly payment frequency).
            • 7 to 10 months which includes an administration fee of 5.4% (monthly payment frequency only).

            Use the ACC1768 Direct debit or instalment payments (PDF 956K) to pay using this method and post to the ACC Business Service Centre or scan and email the completed form to

            The instalment options are only available for invoices over $500.00 (excl GST).


            You can pay your invoice in full by cheque.

            For more information contact the ACC Business Service Centre.

            What if I disagree with my invoice?

            If you believe the information we have used to calculate your invoice is incorrect contact the ACC Business Service Centre for more information about requesting a reassessment – you must still pay your invoice by the due date.

            What happens if I don’t pay?

            You have to pay your levy by the date shown on the invoice – even if your levy is being reassessed. So if you think you are going to have trouble paying, contact the ACC Business Service Centre immediately.

            If your levy is still unpaid two months after the invoice date:

            • 1% interest based on the outstanding amount will be charged each month
            • we may charge an additional penalty of 10% on the amount outstanding, every six months
            • we may also refer your unpaid invoice to a debt collection agency.

            ACC CoverPlus Extra

            If you don’t pay your ACC CoverPlus Extra invoice by the due date, your cover is cancelled and you revert to our standard ACC CoverPlus cover.

            Debt collection

            If you want to dispute an invoiced amount, and cannot resolve the matter with ACC, you are entitled to ask for a review. In the meantime, you should pay the original invoice in full, or arrange a payment plan with us, for more information, see the above table of payment options.

            If the invoiced amount is not paid or a payment plan has not been arranged by the due date, we will begin a debt collection process, which means:

            1. We may contact you by phone to agree a suitable payment arrangement.
            2. If we are unable to call you or an arrangement is not reached as a result of this call, we will send you a letter, reminding you of the amount owed, the payment options, and a final due date.
            3. If, after this final due date, the invoice has still not been paid, we may take further action by sending your invoice to a debt collection agency, which may adversely affect your credit rating.

            How can I reduce my levies?

            If you are concerned with the cost of your injury cover, you could work together with other businesses in your industry to find ways to reduce the number and severity of work-related injuries across your industry. For more information on how you can reduce your levies, see ACC Workplace Safety Discounts.

            More information

            If you have any other questions about paying your levies, contact the ACC Business Service Centre.

            Updated: 3 February 2016

            Reviewed: 26 June 2015