CoverPlus Extra invoice guide for self-employed

ACC CoverPlus Extra is an optional product that lets self-employed people negotiate a pre-agreed level of compensation for lost earnings. If you opt for CoverPlus Extra you’ll receive two invoices each year; the first in April/May and the second soon after your tax return has been filed with Inland Revenue. This page tells you about what’s in your CoverPlus Extra invoice.

Changes to CoverPlus invoices for self-employed

As part of our recent invoice redesign, we’ve made minor changes to levy invoice content and layout, based on feedback you’ve provided. These include:

  • Any outstanding balances from previous unpaid invoices will not be on the invoice. Instead you’ll receive a letter about any outstanding payments.
  • The front page of the invoice displays the invoice amount and the amount of GST you’re able to claim for on this invoice.
  • The back page of the invoice details how your levies are calculated.

On 1 April 2016, the residual portion was removed from the levies you pay. For more information, go to:
the residual portion of your levy will be removed (external link)

What your invoice looks like

Exact copy of the CoverPlus Extra invoice broken up into numbered sections with a description of what you'll find in each section. Follow the link below for a full text description for this image.

Text description for the CoverPlus Extra image

If you can’t see this image or you can’t see the text clearly, go to the long text description for the image:
Text description for the ACC CoverPlus Extra invoice image

Tell us what you think about your re-designed invoices

Whether you’re a new or current customer, we’re keen to know what you think about our redesigned invoices. Email what you think to:

How your CoverPlus Extra levy invoices are made up

If you’re a CoverPlus Extra customer, you’ll receive two invoices each year.

First invoice

Your first CoverPlus Extra invoice is made up of:

  • Work Account levy – this is a levy for personal injury cover. It covers you should you be injured while at work. This levy may include any discounts or loadings that you get through the Experience Rating programme
  • Earners’ Levy – this covers you for injuries outside of work (except motor vehicle injuries)
  • Discounts – ACC Workplace Safety Discount or Workplace Safety Management Practices discount (if applicable)

This invoice uses the agreed level of cover.

Second invoice

Your second CoverPlus Extra invoice is made up of:

  • Working Safer levy – (previously Health and Safety in Employment levy) this levy is collected on behalf of Work Safe New Zealand to cover their costs of administering health and safety at work in New Zealand

The Working Safer levy uses the actual self-employed liable earnings that you filed with Inland Revenue for the previous financial year.

You’ll also see the other levies that you were invoiced earlier in the year on the invoice

How to get help with your invoice

If you have any other questions about your invoice, phone the ACC Business Service Centre:
Contact us by phone

Page published: 1 July 2016