Shareholder-employees can be similar to the self-employed or small business. In this section, we explain what you need to do and what your options are.

A shareholder-employee is someone who owns part of a ‘close’ company (shareholder) and also works for the company (employee). Being employed through your own company can mean wearing more than one hat. You have responsibilities as company shareholder, as well as a business employer and an employee, all at the same time.

Depending on the way your company is structured, you will be directed to information in our self-employed or small, medium and large business section. If you do not work through your own company but you work as a sole trader, in a partnership, or receive withholding or schedular payments, you are considered self-employed.

New shareholder-employee

Gives an overview of what you need to know when you first start a company that employs you.

What do I pay?

Your business needs to pay ACC levies for each employee. As an employee you may also pay levies as part of your PAYE deductions. Find out more on these levy-related pages:

How do I pay?

This section covers payment options; provides information about your invoice pack, when you will receive your invoice pack, what to do if you don’t agree with your invoice and what happens if you don’t pay your invoice on time.

Experience rating – making ACC work account levies fairer for individual businesses

Experience rating is a system of modifying a business’s ACC Work levy based on its claims history.

Experience rating recognises and rewards business owners (including self-employed people) with good claims experience, and encourages a focus on improving workplace safety and making New Zealand businesses better places to work.

Our preventing injuries at work section has more information and support around preventing and managing injuries in your workplace.

Cover products for shareholder-employees

Your business must provide ACC cover to all employees, including shareholder-employees.

Different cover product options are available, based on whether you are a non-PAYE shareholder-employee or a PAYE shareholder-employee:

How to pay less

We offer these ways for businesses to reduce their levy payments by working to reduce risks in the workplace:

Shareholder employee: What happens if I get injured?

You are automatically covered by us if you have a work-related injury or illness, or if you get injured outside of work. It is important to make an ACC claim as soon as possible so you can receive entitlements.

Workplace safety

Keep your workplace safe and free from injury with these tips and resources.

Reviewed: 12 June 2015