ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP)

Workplace Safety Management Practices recognises medium to large businesses (more than 10 employees) that have implemented effective health and safety systems and practices in their workplaces. If you qualify, it adds to the many business benefits of keeping your staff safe and rewards you by reducing your ACC work cover levies (this does not apply to residual levies). It is also a great way to position your business as an exemplar of good practice in your market.

Workplace Safety Management Practices application overview

WSMP is aimed at those businesses with 10 employees or more. It starts with a self-assessment and an official application process, This is followed by a visit to your workplace(s) from an ACC-approved auditor – either appointed and funded by ACC or chosen by you at your own cost.

If the auditor concludes that your health and safety practices meet the Workplace Safety Management Practices audit standards, your business will receive a work cover levy reduction. This will apply for 24 months from the first of the month following the audit completion date. Outlined below are the reduction details based on the three performance levels:

If the level you achieved is…

then your business demonstrates…

and your levy reduction is…

  1. Primary

a minimum standard of workplace health and safety performance standards


  1. Secondary

a good standard of workplace health and safety practice


  1. Tertiary

best practice and a commitment to continuous improvement in workplace health and safety


Benefits to your business

As well as offering you all the financial benefits of a levy reduction, the Workplace Safety Management Practices is a great tool for developing and/or strengthening your health and safety systems. WSMP:

  • provides you with a framework for building successful and sustainable health and safety practices in your workplace
  • helps you to reduce the number of accidents and injuries – which is likely to mean more motivated and productive employees, lower absenteeism rates, fewer business disruptions, and reductions in the costs of sick pay and temporary replacement staff
  • demonstrates your commitment to the wellbeing of your staff, customers, suppliers and visitors
  • provides official recognition of your health and safety practices
  • boosts your reputation both in the business world and as an employer of choice.

Application process

Applying for the Workplace Safety Management Practices takes three steps, for more information see how to apply for the Workplace Safety Management Practices.

Re-application process

To continue in WSMP after 24 months you will have to re-apply, following the three-step application process. You will undergo another audit that should show you have maintained (or improved) your health and safety standards. You will also need to have all the relevant documentation since your last audit. If your business met either the ‘primary’ or ‘secondary’ level requirements previously, you could aim for the next step up the ladder and reduce your levies further.

Last reviewed: 18 March 2014
Last updated: 18 March 2014