ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP)

ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices

The Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) programme has now ended and we’re no longer accepting applicants.

Already part of WSMP?

If you’re already part of the WSMP programme, you’ll continue to receive your discount until the end of your contract – as long as you’re still meeting the health and safety practices.

Why we’ve ended WSMP

We want to change our focus and reward businesses for reducing workplace injuries and claims, rather than giving discounts for health and safety compliance.

We're working with businesses to design solutions that are cost-effective, have long term-benefits and better health and safety outcomes for our customers.

Be part of the conversation

You can find out more about our new approach, keep up to date with our progress and be part of the conversation:

Our new approach to workplace incentives (external website).

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Workplace Safety Management Practices:


Reviewed: 1 March 2017