Small, medium and large business

Small, medium and large business

The information in this section is for people who run a small, medium or large business and employ staff. As an employer, you are responsible for providing your employees with a safe workplace and ACC cover for work-related injuries.

If you own shares in a company that employs you then you are considered to be a shareholder-employee.

If your business does not employ staff, then you are considered self-employed.

New business

This page is an introduction to ACC for people new to employing staff and running their own business. It includes information on how we can help new businesses, your responsibilities as a new business owner and how you pay for ACC cover.

Manage your levies with ACC online

We enable employers to give delegated members of staff differing levels of access to check their ACC account details, sign up for automated alerts, maintain their business details and view their work claims reports.

What do I pay?

Find out more about ACC levies, how they are calculated and get an idea of how much you will be required to pay. See also:

How do I pay?

This section covers payment options, information about your invoice pack, when you will receive your invoice pack, what to do if you do not agree with your invoice and what happens if you do not pay your invoice on time.

Cover products for small, medium and large business

We have products designed to suit your business, ensuring you and your employees are covered if there is an injury.

How to pay less

We offer a number of ways you can reduce levy payments by working to reduce risks in the workplace.

Managing employee injuries

We can support you as an employer when employees are injured, whether it a work-related injury or not. We can help you manage injured employees and create return to work/rehabilitation processes that are appropriate to the size of your business.

Workplace safety

Staying safe in the workplace will reduce injuries and can save businesses money. We work a lot with employers in an attempt to lower injury rates. For more information go to Workplace Safety Evaluations.

Reviewed: 12 June 2015