Managing employee injuries

Managing employee injuries

As an employer, we can support you when one of your employees is injured - whether it is work-related or not. We can work with you to create injury management processes (return to work/back on the job processes) that are appropriate to the needs of your organisation.

What employers need to do when an employee is injured

Find out more about what you need to do when an employee has a work-related injury or illness or non-work injury, and what your they are entitled to.

Stay at Work service

When an employee is injured sometimes some very simple things are all it takes for them to recover in the workplace. Perhaps minor changes to their duties or a provider talking with you and their doctor about transitional duties will be enough to let them get on with their job. The Stay at Work service uses a team approach to getting injured employees onto the road to recovery in the workplace.

Injury management (return to work/rehabilitation) processes

Helping injured employees return to work is beneficial for your business and your employees. We have dedicated Injury Prevention and Management Consultants who will work with you to get the best process for your business and employees.

Injury management help based on business size

Business size is one indicator of the types of services your business is likely to benefit from. Decide on whether you’re a large or small to medium sized business and then follow the matching injury management steps:

Accredited employers in the ACC Accredited Employers Programme

Employers in the ACC Accredited Employers Programme take financial responsibility for managing their employees’ work-related claims and are entitled to a downward ACC levy adjustment.

You can enter into an agreement with us to pay compensation for lost earnings directly to employees. They must have an injury claim accepted by us and need time off work. We will reimburse you once you’ve provided the relevant details.

Employers needing assistance with managing their employees’ non-work related injuries can get:

  • immediate assistance (ie for an individual employee with an injury claim) through the free Stay at Work service (for more information see the Stay at Work service page or download the Stay at Work fact sheet: Helping clients stay at work after an injury (PDF 38K))
  • strategic assistance by contacting the ACC Accredited Employers Programme team who will work with you (free of charge) on your existing systems and integrate them into an injury management process. Find out more by emailing

Access claims management resources through CHIPS

Members of our Accredited Employers Programme can access our claims management resources through CHIPS. You will need to enter the username and password assigned to you when you joined the programme.

If you want to know more, or you are experiencing any problems with your access, email the ACC Accredited Employers Programme (

Kiwisaver deductions from compensation paid by employers

If you are paying compensation for lost earnings directly to an employee who is a KiwiSaver member, you may need to continue deducting their contributions.

Reviewed: 19 February 2016