Effective communication for large business

Early, open and regular communication, where everyone understands their responsibilities, will assist the injury management process.

Expectations about communication

It’s good to have expectations for how your employee keeps you informed – just be sure your employees know what they are. Expectations may include:

  • provision of medical certificates in a timely fashion
  • keeping in regular contact, either by phone or face-to-face
  • raising any issues or concerns as soon as they arise.

For more information, see the following fact sheets:

Brochures for you and your employee

The following brochures for your employee and your employee’s line manager/supervisor can be ordered from us. You can download them as PDF files, but they will appear in a different format than the published versions.

For employees

ACC1992 Helping an employee get back to work after an injury (PDF 2.9M).

For employers

ACC4612 Returning to work after an injury (PDF 176K).

You can order these resources from our Publications section (search for the item using the ACC number, eg ACC4612).

Reviewed: 12 February 2016
Updated: 14 May 2013