Tax agents, accountants and advisors

Tax agents, accountants and advisors

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The information and tools provided in this section are designed to help you and your clients understand the value and benefits of their ACC cover and encourage them to better manage and grow their business.

Customer groups

Find out how we define different types of customer groups and the product options available to them.

Cover products

Get all the information you need about the various ACC product options available to your clients.

Levies and invoicing

All you need to know about ACC levies, including how we calculate them, when we invoice and the different payment options available.

ACC processes

Everything you need to know about applying for ACC products, working with us on your client’s behalf and what to do if your client stops business.

Making a claim

Everything you need to know about the claims processes, including how to make a claim with ACC.

Workplace safety

Encouraging your client to prioritise workplace safety can reduce injury rates and help save your client money.


All the resources you need to help your clients: publications, product brochures, application forms, fact sheets, ACC levy guidebooks and links to useful external websites.


Reviewed: 23 June 2014