For individuals

We work with all New Zealanders, so we want you to know what we do, how we do it, and why.


This section explains how employees pay ACC levies, how those levies are calculated and what they get in return.

Motorcycles and levies

Keeping motorcycle, scooter and moped riders safe on New Zealand’s roads is one of our key priorities. Find out how we’re using the levies you pay to improve injury and accident rates, for the benefit of the riders of today and tomorrow.

Motor vehicles and levies

This section explains how you, as a motorist, pay ACC levies, how those levies are calculated and what you get in return. You can also learn how you can do your bit to reduce road injuries.

Not earning

We provide injury insurance for everyone – whether they’re earning or not. So if you’re a student, retired, out of work, or unable to work, we can still help you. Find out more about how we fund the support and services we can offer you, 24 hours a day.

Have your say on what you pay

Before the levies are set each year, we give businesses, communities and individuals throughout New Zealand an opportunity to provide feedback not only on the proposed levy rates, but on all aspects of the ACC Scheme. This is called levy consultation.

Attitude Awards

The Attitude Awards honour the outstanding achievements of New Zealanders living with disabilities.

Updated: 16 October 2015
Reviewed: 16 October 2015