Motorcycles and levies

Keeping motorcycle, scooter and moped riders safe on New Zealand’s roads is one of ACC’s key priorities. Find out how we’re using the levies you pay to improve injury and accident rates, for the benefit of the riders of today and tomorrow.

The 2016/17 levies

Find out what the 2016/17 petrol and licence fee levies are for mopeds and motorcycles:

Licence fee levy

The licence fee levy you pay depends on the ‘class’ of motorcycle you licence and whether it’s powered by petrol or diesel. The current levies (including the motorcycle safety levy) are in the table below:

Motorcycle class


Non-petrol powered




Motorcycles up to 600cc



Motorcycles 601cc+



There is no change in the 2016/17 licence fee levy for motorcyclists. Below you will find an overview of the reasons for why we are not able to reduce this:

Note: From 1 July 2016 the motorcycle safety levy has been reduced from $30 to $25, as a result of feedback we received from motorcyclists in our levy consultation.

Levy collection

ACC collects money (called levies) to pay for the help we provide to people who are injured in accidents. As an owner of a motorcycle, scooter or moped, you pay a levy:

  • on the petrol you buy (charged per litre)
  • when you licence your motorcycle, scooter or moped, which includes a $25 annual motorcycle safety levy.

Your petrol and licence fee go into the ACC Motor Vehicle Account, which funds ACC cover for all people injured as a result of accidents involving motor vehicles and motorcycles on New Zealand’s public roads.

Your $25 motorcycle safety levy goes directly into a separate fund set up to reduce the number and severity of motorcycle, scooter and moped injuries and fatalities.

What your levies are used for

The levies you pay provide you with certainty that, if you’re injured while riding your motorcycle you’ll get:

  • treatment you need for your injury
  • the necessary support, to enable you to recover and get back your life as quickly as possible
  • 80% of your income if you cannot work as a direct result of your injury, plus other support.

The motorcycle safety levy funds injury prevention initiatives proposed by riders for riders like you. These initiatives are aimed at reducing the number of deaths and severe injuries on New Zealand’s roads.

Your motorcycle safety levy

The motorcycle safety levy was introduced in July 2010. The levy is an amount of money paid by all motorcycle, scooter and moped owners as part of the licence fee levy. The motorcycle safety levy has been set at $25 per year for each registered motorcycle and/or moped.

The purpose of the motorcycle safety levy is to increase investment in initiatives that will reduce motorcyclist’s deaths and injuries. The funds are managed by ACC who seek advice from the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council regarding investment of the levy funds to maximise the benefits for motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council

The Minister of ACC established the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) in 2011 to make recommendations to ACC on what initiatives and programmes the motorcycle safety levy could be spent on to improve the safety of motorcyclists.

To keep up to date on what’s happening, simply register on the MSAC website and receive regular updates on activities.

Motorcycle Safety Strategy

The Motorcycle Safety Strategy is aimed at reducing motorcycle crashes and improving rider safety. The strategy is a joint initiative between ACC and the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC). You can find out about the strategy’s five priorities for lowering the number of motorcycle crashes on New Zealand’s roads, what its outcomes will be, and how these will be achieved by downloading the strategy:
Motorcycle Safety Strategy (PDF 566KB)

Factors that cause levies to change

Levies change each year, based on a range of factors we have to take into account. These include:

  • the number of claims made in the past, and how many riders injured in the past that we are continuing to support today
  • the number of claims we expect to receive in the current year – and how much they’ll cost in future years (especially serious injury claims)
  • changes in New Zealand’s population
  • accident, crash and hospitalisation rates and trends
  • the costs of associated products and services, such as medical treatment and rehabilitation aids, including wheelchairs and hearing aids
  • inflation rates and other economic factors.

We also include a ‘funding adjustment’ to allow for any surplus or shortfall in our previous estimates that could affect the current year.

Have a say about the levies you pay

We review all our levies every year and then make recommendations to the Minister for ACC. Before we make our recommendations to the Minister we invite New Zealanders to provide their feedback and ideas, this is what we call levy consultation.

Find out more about the process and what happens next, go to Have your say about what you pay.

Helping reduce the levies you pay

The best way for you to reduce the levies you pay is to do your bit to reduce the injuries that are happening. For riding advice visit:

Updated: 1 July 2016

Reviewed: 22 June 2016