Treatment profiles

Treatment profiles are guides to the treatment and rehabilitation services ACC expects you to provide to a client for a particular injury. They describe current ‘good practice’ and what outcomes you should be achieving.

About treatment profiles

Treatment profiles are not rigid prescriptions for you to follow; they are intended to provide flexibility and choice in clinical judgement according to your patients’ individual circumstances. However, when treatments and their outcomes are outside the limits described in the profiles, you will need to get our approval before you give further treatment.

Treatment profiles have been developed for 150 common injury types. A range of medical providers, including general practitioners, physiotherapists, sports physicians and medical specialists, have developed the profiles. ACC is able to provide a provider performance monitoring service benchmarked for each treatment profile.

Download treatment profiles

Practical techniques for treating common injuries

This guide has easy to follow instructions for you on the application of a range of plaster casts and the management of soft tissue injuries:

ACC2373 Practical techniques in injury management: Casts and splints (PDF 14.2M).

Updated: 3 December 2015
Reviewed: 2 December 2015