Patient information handouts

A suite of printed and downloadable patient information resources is available for treatment and rehabilitation providers. Use this page to access a series of handouts for your patients which contain easy-to-read information about some of the more common injuries.

The patient information handout series covers information on mild traumatic brain injury, neck sprain, rotator cuff disorder, shoulder exercises, fractured metatarsal bone, ankle sprain, low back pain, knee injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and caring for plaster and fibreglass casts.

Each publication explains in simple language the anatomy, care and prevention of some of the common injuries. These publications are designed to support the information given by the provider at a consultation, and allow patients to review the key points in their own time.

How to order patient information

The publications come in booklets, and A4 and A5 printed tear-off pads

Treatment and rehabilitation providers can order these publications from Wickliffe at

These resources can also be downloaded and printed at your practice. A black and white version for printing onto prescription pad (A5 size) is available.

Download patient information handouts

This will take to you to patient resources in the Publications section, where you can download and order the patient information handouts.

Reviewed: 16 May 2016