Clinical best practice
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Clinical best practice

This section contains guidelines, reviews and reports offering information and advice for providers on the latest clinical best practice.

A guide to cover – primary abdominal wall hernias, including groin hernias

We have released a guidance document on when we are likely to cover an abdominal wall hernia as an injury caused by an accident. The recommendations on cover reflect the consensus view of Expert Advisory Group representing ACC and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

ACC report into the use of surgical mesh

ACC undertook a review of treatment injury claims that involved the use of surgical mesh. The report and infographic is now available.

Mental health issues – guidelines

This page provides guidelines about ACC funding for telepsychology services, as well as guidelines for mental injury providers on the use of psychometric tests for ACC clients. These guidelines have been developed by the ACC Branch Advisory Psychologists/Psychotherapists (BAPs).

National ACC and MoH Spinal Cord Impairment (SCI) initiative

ACC and Ministry of Health (MoH) are leading the development of a joint national SCI initiative and implementation plan. The initiative and implementation plan will cover the full range of care and life long impacts for people with a SCI and their family/whānau.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Strategy development

ACC is working collaboratively with stakeholders to develop a service strategy for clients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), which will result in a tender for contracts for the new service beginning July 2013.

ACC Review

Copies of ACC Review (a topic-based clinical summary of best practice) are available via this page.

Spinal cord injury guidelines

These guidelines have been developed for assessors, rehabilitation service providers and ACC staff, who work with clients who have a significant impairment due to a traumatic injury to the spinal cord.

Patient information handouts

The patient information handouts are a suite of printed or downloadable patient information brochures available for providers.

Interventional Pain Management

The Interventional Pain Management (IPM) guidance presents evidence based recommendations on a wide range of procedures to help practitioners and patients make informed decisions about managing persistent pain.

Case studies

Copies of Treatment Injury Case Study (a case-study based report with expert commentary on treatment injuries) are available via this page.

Treatment profiles

The treatment profiles are guides to the treatment and rehabilitation services ACC expects a practitioner to provide to a client for a particular injury. They describe current ‘good practice’ and what outcomes should be achieved.

Evidence Based Healthcare reports

The Research unit produces several different kinds of reports for ACC, including systematic reviews of the research literature and evidence based purchasing guidance.

Clinical guidelines

Guideline development is a systematic process that involves reviewing evidence, consulting clinical experts and working with multidisciplinary advisory groups. The Research unit has developed a set of clinical guidelines to help health professionals, funders and patients make informed decisions about health care.

Rehabilitation Research Review

Rehabilitation Research Review is a quarterly round-up of significant recent research published in international rehabilitation journals. It includes independent commentary from local specialists on why the research matters. This publication is co-sponsored by ACC to inform and promote best practice among New Zealand rehabilitation providers.

Hearing loss resources

The Hearing loss resources are evidence-based guidelines and other resources that assist otolaryngologists with the assessment of occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

Reviewed: 15 July 2015