How to apply for a health services contract with ACC

We contract with many treatment and rehabilitation suppliers who provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services to our clients. The information below will help you through the process of identifying contracting opportunities and applying for contracts to provide health services.

How we advertise contracting opportunities

From time to time we’ll advertise for new suppliers through a formal tender process. All tenders are published online through the Government Electronic Tenders Services (GETS) website (

To view information on these opportunities, you’ll have to register with GETS, which you can do through the GETS website. You can also register with the GETS TenderWatch service to receive notification of when tenders are advertised (this is free of charge and can also be arranged through the GETS website).

The tender information that we publish on GETS will provide detailed instructions on how to submit your response to us.

Open and closed services

In general, our contracted services are either ‘open’ or ‘closed’.

Open services are those where you can apply for a contract at any time, unless a notice is published on the GETS website advising that applications are closed.

Closed services are those which are not open for general application. You can only apply for a contract for closed services when a notice has been placed on GETS seeking a response and/or application.

Good practice principles

When we conduct tenders or evaluate applications for contracts, we have to make sure that we follow best practice for public sector organisations, which includes making sure that we follow robust processes and fully document all our decision making.

The Government has set out rules that we must follow. The rules can be found in the Procurement section of the Companies Office website.

We’re confident that our procurement processes demonstrate high standards of fairness, probity and transparency. These principles ensure that public money is spent effectively and efficiently.

Awarding contracts

ACC reserves the right to not award contracts for either open or closed services.

Further information

If you want further information about any of our contracts, please refer to the All Contracts page.

If you want further information about a particular application process then contact Health Procurement:

By phone:

0800 400 503

By email:

By post

Health Procurement
PO Box 242
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Updated: 11 August 2015

Reviewed: 11 August 2015