Redesigning Disability Support Services

This page provides an overview and updates about the redesign of our Disability Support Services.

What are Disability Support Services?

Disability Support Services is the term we use for a collection of what are currently four separate services.

Each of the services provides a slightly different type of assistance to people who have a disability, but overall the aim is to help them to be as independent as they can and to participate fully in everyday life in their community.

View the Disability Support Services service categories (PDF 152K).

Supported living

Individualised help for people with a disability or sensitive claim to acquire new life skills for participating in the community.

Supported activity programmes

Individualised or group-based help for people with a disability to increase their independence, social inclusion, and community participation.

Supported employment

Individualised help for people with a disability or a long-term weekly compensation claim to obtain or return to paid employment (including keeping that employment).

Transition services

Individualised help for young people with a disability aged 14-21 years to make the transition from secondary school to an adult life of work and meaningful, age-appropriate activities in the community.

Why redesign Disability Support Services?

We’re redesigning disability supports to:

  • deliver client-driven, community-based services
  • embed a capabilities-based case management approach, self-determination, and choice in all aspects of the person’s life
  • support a partnership approach between ACC, the client, family/whanau and suppliers so that provision of support achieves meaningful outcomes; whilst contributing to liability management.
  • take a co-design approach to the development of individualised supports in relation to a client’s personal, and community, employment participation and living arrangements
  • strengthen natural supports, community, and employment networks.


Our goal is to have the redesigned services ready for use by early 2018. We’re now in phase two of our redesign process.

Diagram showing four stages of the redesign of ACC’s Disability Support Services, indicating the project is nearing the end of the Service Design stage (the second stage).

Information gathering and a service review has already been done. This included:

  • a literature review of current thinking in disability models, practice, policy, and best practice in the delivery of disability support services
  • surveys with clients and families about their experience using existing Disability Support Services
  • current state analysis, with input from suppliers and ACC frontline staff who work directly with people who have disabilities
  • evaluation of internal data on the volume of service referrals and supplier capacity
  • co-design workshops with people with disabilities, suppliers, and ACC staff to envisage new ways of supporting people with disabilities to achieve their outcomes.
  • liaison with ACC’s health services procurement team to look for synergies across ACC and benchmarking with the Ministry of Health’s disability services programmes.

We’re currently in the second iteration of the service design phase. We’re running four workshops with interested people from the sector to introduce a proposed new approach to delivering services and supports for people living with a disability. Find out more about where these are being held and how to register your place at one of the workshops in the fourth sector update below.

Getting involved

We look forward to continuing to work with you and appreciate any questions or feedback you have during this project. Please feel free to email your queries to

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Reviewed: 1 September 2016