What you need to know to work with us as a physiotherapy provider.

Choosing how to deliver treatment

Physiotherapy treatment you provide can be delivered under contract or through the cost of treatment regulations. To help you choose, take a look at the:

Treatment Provider Handbook

As a physiotherapy provider under contract or cost of treatment regulations, you need to know how to work with us to meet agreed outcomes for your patients, yourselves, and the ACC Scheme.

The ACC Treatment Provider Handbook (DOC 32K) is a source of advice and information on your responsibilities as an ACC-registered physiotherapist, it includes: details on lodging claims, ordering ACC resources and how to invoice us for your services.

Process for physiotherapy claims

To lodge a new claim, you’ll need to complete an ACC45 Injury claim form. Go to Lodge and manage claims for more information.

Requests for further treatment

If the amount of treatment sessions needed is more than the amount indicated by the trigger profiles (see below), you must submit an ACC32 to get approval before giving further treatment.

Treatment trigger numbers and profiles

Treatment trigger numbers indicate the number of treatments you can provide for the most common musculoskeletal conditions. (As mentioned above, you’d need to get our approval before you can provide more).

The treatment profiles detail the current practice for treating common musculoskeletal conditions, read codes for the treatment and the trigger numbers.

For more information go to Allied Health trigger numbers and treatment profiles.

Providing treatment post surgery

If you are seeing a client following ACC-funded surgery you don’t have to apply for further treatment regardless of the number of treatments provided before the surgery.

If the ACC-funded surgery was done within the last 12 months you can use the post-surgery codes under contract or regulations. These codes allow you to provide a total of 16 treatments regardless of the injury diagnosis.

Unused treatments approved before surgery can’t be used after surgery – so make sure you shift to the new codes following surgery.

If you have queries about using the post-surgery codes:
Phone 0800 222 070 to talk to our provider contact centre.

Outcome measure guidelines

You need to complete outcome measures to show your patients’ progress. The Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) and Numerical Pain Rating Scale (NPRS) are outcome measures you can use.

Guidelines for the completion of both the Patient Specific Functional Scale and the Numeric Pain Rating Scale are available for physiotherapists.

The Guide to outcome measure reporting (DOC 243K) has information on meeting your contractual obligations.

Outcome measure forms

We provide the physiotherapy outcome measures form in various formats, work with the ones on this list:

Registering as a physiotherapy service provider with us

Find out about registering to provide physiotherapy services for us, go to Set up and work with ACC.

Our contact details

To discuss contract options or changes with us, contact our Health Procurement Team:

To discuss registration to provide treatment under cost of treatment regulations contact our Provider Vendor Registration Team:

For all other queries, phone or email our Provider Helpline:

Reviewed: 1 December 2015