Contracts and performance

Contracts and performance

This section provides links to information on working with ACC.


What you need to know to work with us as a physiotherapy provider.

Elective Surgery

Information on Elective Surgery, the Assessment Report and Treatment Plan (ARTP), contracted and non-contracted surgery, invoices and payment.

Allied Health – trigger numbers and treatment profiles

Information on Allied Health services treatment trigger numbers, treatment profiles and using the ACC32 process for getting prior approval before giving more treatment over the trigger number.

Redesigning disability support services

An overview and updates about the redesign of our Disability Support Services.

Contracts and services

An alphabetical list of our contracts and services with health providers.

Apply for a health services contract

We have contracts with many health services providers. These contracts govern the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services provided to our clients. Find out how to apply for one.

Standard terms and conditions

These standard terms and conditions are part of the main agreement we use when engaging health service suppliers.

Operational guidelines

Operational guidelines are in place to ensure best practice by the healthcare providers who work with us.

Responsibilities and performance

Quality care for our clients is important. Find out how we monitor your performance and what your responsibilities are when you work with us as a health care provider.

Updated: 24 November 2015
Reviewed: 20 November 2015