Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Services

Acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathic Treatment Profiles and trigger numbers

All treatment provided on behalf of ACC must be necessary, appropriate and clinically justified. The prior approval (ACC32) process ensures claims are treated in line with this by requiring providers to obtain approval before starting additional treatment. Here is important information about the ACC32 process for you to be aware of.

Using Treatment Profiles

Treatment Profiles are guides to the treatment and rehabilitation services ACC expects a practitioner to provide to a client for a particular injury. They describe current ‘good practice’ and what outcomes should be achieved.

Complete versions of the treatment profile guides can be downloaded using these links:

Treatment trigger numbers

Treatment trigger numbers indicate the number of treatments a client with a particular injury is able to receive before the provider is required to seek prior approval.

In cases where no treatment trigger number is associated with a Read code, providers can give up to a maximum of six treatments per claim, and if further treatments are required prior approval must be sought before providing any additional treatment.

If you consider that further treatments are required, then you will need to complete an ACC32 form before providing any additional treatment.

Because treatment profiles do not currently exist for osteopathy, an interim set of trigger numbers is being adopted based on physiotherapy profiles. ACC will work with the osteopathic associations to develop a long-term solution.

For more information on:

Communicating the process to providers

Back in November 2010 we sent letters to all acupuncturists, chiropractors and osteopaths registered with ACC informing them of changes that were introduced on 1 December 2010. Copies of these letters can be downloaded using the links below:

Answers to frequently asked questions on the Treatment Profile trigger change

For more guidance see these Frequently asked questions on the Treatment Profile trigger change (PDF 67K).

Download lists of triggers numbers

The following are full lists of the currently approved treatment trigger numbers in various formats. These documents are updated from time to time. Please ensure you take a quick look at the Guide to using trigger numbers (PDF 15K) and that you use the most up to date list:

Acupuncture treatment trigger numbers

Chiropractic treatment trigger numbers

Osteopathic treatment trigger numbers

What to do when a Read code does not have a defined Treatment Profile trigger number

Sometimes specific Read codes do not have a Treatment Profile trigger number compared to the broader Read codes they stem from, eg s50. has a trigger number of 12, but s508. has no trigger number. If you would like us to consider allocating the same trigger number for a specific Read code that applies to the broader Read code, please call our Provider Helpline on 0800 222 070, or email provider.help@acc.co.nz.

Last updated: 20 June 2014

Last reviewed: 9 June 2014