Enquire about a payment

If you have a query about a payment you can contact ACC via phone on 0800 222 070 or email on providerhelp@acc.co.nz. If you have billed us online, you can check the status of invoices through the eBusiness Gateway. Make sure you have your ACC vendor number and the schedule/invoice number at hand.

Remittance advice

ACC will send you a remittance advice to show what claims for services have been paid. If you want to make a query or amendment, contact the Provider Helpline on 0800 222 070. Queries can also be sent to providerhelp@acc.co.nz.

Checking that ACC has received a schedule/invoice

If you want to check the status of a schedule or invoice, please quote both your ACC vendor number and the schedule/invoice number. If you have billed electronically, you can also check the status of your invoice/schedule online, through the eBusiness Gateway.

Reviewed: 22 April 2016