Supplier travel services: travel guideline and calculator tool

Calculating your travel costs when providing rehabilitation services is now easier with the release of our handy travel guidelines and associated travel cost calculator.

Both the guidelines and calculator tool have been developed with Supplier input and we hope you will find it useful.

Supplier travel guidelines

For full information on invoicing for travel services, please see our supplier travel guidelines. The guidelines set out what you can invoice for, thresholds for invoicing and how the calculation should be approached.

Travel cost calculator

The travel cost calculator incorporates three useful, simple and easy to use tools to choose from:

  • the first and subsequent hour tool, for use where rates vary between the first and subsequent hour rates for travel when delivering services
  • the single travel rate tool, for use where there is only one rate for travel
  • the pro-rata quick calculation tool.

Calculator tool

The guideline and calculator tool can be downloaded to your PC immediately or if you download a suitable Application it can be added to a Tablet (there a number of free Apps available on the internet).

At this time the calculator tool can’t be developed for importing calculations into practice management systems for invoicing needs due to the wide variety of systems in use.

More information

If you want any further information about supplier travel arrangements, please contact your Supplier Manager.

Reviewed: 23 September 2015