ACC payment for services

ACC payment for services

ACC pays vendors for the cost of treating or providing services to enable rehabilitation of clients’ personal injuries that are covered by the Scheme.

Criteria must be fulfilled and the correct invoicing procedure must be followed to ensure payment.

This page covers the circumstances under which ACC will pay vendors.

ACC obligations

ACC will pay invoices and bulk billing schedules for the following:

  • services provided under Regulations
  • services provided as requested in a purchase order by ACC
  • services as covered under an ACC contract.

If your request for payment does not fit one of the above, ACC cannot pay you.

For more information about ACC legislation and policies as relating to invoicing, please see Section 8 of the Treatment Provider Handbook 2016 (PDF 2.8M).

Services provided under Regulations

ACC pays or contributes to costs at the rate and/or amounts specified in the Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Regulations 2003 (external link).

These Regulations cover basic treatment provider costs, and the Schedule to the Regulations (external link) specifies amounts for specific types of treatments or procedures given by providers.

For more information on the changes for 2016, read the Cost of Treatment Regulations 2016 changes.

Services as set out in a purchase order issued by ACC

When ACC requests a service, they will send you a purchase order. The purchase order will include the following, which must be included on your invoice:

  • the purchase order number
  • the type of service requested including the service code
  • a date range for the service to be provided within
  • the quantity/amount requested.

It may include a price, if not specified elsewhere.

Services as covered under an ACC contract

If you are operating under a contract with ACC, we will pay you the agreed contracted price, or the amount invoiced, whichever is the lowest.

Reviewed: 17 September 2016