Lodge gradual process disease or infection claim

Gradual process injuries occur over a period of four weeks or more and are caused by the gradual onset of a condition, a disease or an infection that is related to a work task, or the work environment. These may be covered by ACC. Work-related disease or infection, through a single exposure to the source of an infection, is not regarded as a gradual process injury.

Demonstrating cultural competency is important in the provision of services relating to all claims. Please refer to the ACC1625 Guidelines on Maori Cultural Competencies for Providers (PDF 2.0M).

What do gradual process injuries include?

To determine gradual process, disease or infection, ACC considers three key elements:

  • whether a particular characteristic of either the work environment or the client’s job has caused the personal injury
  • whether the particular characteristic that has caused or contributed to the cause of the personal injury is present to any material extent in the client’s non-injury activities or environment
  • whether the risk of suffering the personal injury is significantly greater for people who do the job or work in the employment environment than for people who do not.

How to lodge a gradual process claim

When lodging a claim for gradual process disease or infection, follow the general process for lodging claims and remember to tick the Gradual Process box when completing the ACC45 Injury Claim form.

What happens next?

Before ACC can make any cover decisions on these claims, we need to collect additional information from the client, their employer and their treatment provider. We also often refer clients to one of the three ACC Workwise Clinics in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

When a cover decision is made, we notify the client in writing. Treatment providers who lodge a claim will not be advised of the outcome of the claim. This is because the consent that ACC obtains from the client does not extend to releasing this information.

If you have any general questions about these claims, contact the Provider Helpline on 0800 222 070. For questions on specific claims, contact the client’s case manager or case coordinator.

Last updated: 24 February 2014

Last reviewed: 24 February 2014