Lodge and manage claims

Lodge and manage claims

Lodging a claim is the process of enabling a client to apply to ACC for cover for their personal injury. Treatment providers can give initial treatment for a personal injury, and in some cases lodge a claim with ACC on behalf of a client.

Lodge a claim

General information about lodging a claim with ACC.

Lodge claims online

Lodge a complicated claim

ACC legislation describes some claims for cover as ‘complicated’. Generally these claims require additional information before ACC can make a cover decision.

These claims are for:

Lodge a claim for employee of Accredited Employer

Lodge claims for employees of Accredited Employers. Accredited Employers are responsible for their own workplace health and safety, injury management including rehabilitation, and management of employees' workplace injury claims.

How to submit an ACC32 request

The ACC32 Request for prior approval of treatment form, is used by allied health providers to request additional treatment for clients. A new streamlined process is being introduced on 1 December 2016.

Requests are categorised as either ‘standard’ or ‘non-standard’. Most requests are ‘standard’ and can use a more streamlined process.

Using Read Codes

Read Codes are a system that provides a specific diagnosis of an injury. Primary care providers must use Read Codes for all ACC claims.

Cover and entitlements for ACC clients

Everyone in New Zealand is eligible for ACC cover for personal injuries caused by accident. Entitlements are available to assist clients whose claims have been accepted by ACC.

Work-incapacity certificates

Clients who require time off work because of their injury will need a medical certificate from a medical provider.


ACC has a number of tools to help you search for registered treatment providers.

Updated: 10 November 2015

Reviewed: 6 November 2014