Submit an ACC32 request

How to submit an ACC32 request

The ACC32 Request for prior approval of treatment form is used by allied health providers to request additional treatment for clients. A new streamlined process is being introduced on 1 December 2016.

Requests are categorised as either ‘standard’ or ‘non-standard’. Most requests are ‘standard’ and can use a more streamlined process.

Criteria for a standard request

Your request can use the streamlined process if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • it’s for an accepted ACC claim
  • your request is within 12 months of the date of injury
  • this is the first additional treatment request from your clinic for the claim
  • if it’s for hand splinting, costs don’t exceed $300 (excl. GST)
  • it’s for the original diagnosis.
  • Your request can still be streamlined if the only change to the diagnosis is a subsequent strain, sprain or contusion (as indicated on our standard read code list).

Make a standard request

For standard requests we don’t need a client management plan, clinical management plan, clinical notes or outcome measures.

There are two ways you can make a standard request.

  1. By phone
  • Phone 0800 222 070 for an instant decision Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm.
  1. Send us an ACC32 form
    Just complete the client treatment and provider details sections of the ACC32 form and submit it:
    • by using the ACC32 web form
    • through your HealthLink account
    • by emailing us either directly or from your practice management system (PMS)
    • by manual post:
    • ACC Hamilton Service Centre
      PO Box 952
      Waikato Mail Centre 3240.
    Benefits of standard requests
    • Multiple channel options - Make a standard request using your PMS, existing forms, our web-based form, or by calling our provider contact centre. Less information is required for form-based standard requests.
    • A client-centred approach - Ask for the number of treatments you believe are necessary to meet your client’s treatment and outcome needs.
    • Quick decisions - Get an instant decision by phone or a decision within three working days for form-based requests.
    • No prior approval needed after surgery - Physiotherapy and hand therapy treatment following an ACC-funded surgery does not require prior approval if it commences within 12 months of surgery. You can find information on using post-surgery codes

    Here’s a printable reference guide that explains how the process works and what channels you can use.
    How to make an ACC32 treatment request – A3 version (PDF 156KB)

    How to make an ACC32 treatment request – A4 version (PDF 154KB)

    Non-standard requests

    If any of the standard criteria aren’t met you’ll need to complete the full ACC32 form, attach your clinical notes, outcome measures and client management plan and submit this to ACC.

    Situations where you would make a non-standard request include:

    All non-standard requests can be completed using our online ACC32 web form
    ACC32 web form

    Just like a standard request, you can ask for the number of treatments you believe are necessary for your client’s treatment and outcome needs.

    Monitoring the new process and your feedback

    With any process change, it’s important to make sure everyone understands the new process and uses it appropriately.

    We’ll monitor your requests and may ask you to clarify your clinical reasoning when treatments requested appear excessive.

    Our monitoring will range from random audits of requests, supporting clinical notes and the decisions made by our staff, through to monthly trend and use monitoring across provider sectors.


    If you have further questions, try reading our Q&As or call the provider contact centre.
    Q&As about the new ACC32 process (DOC 1MB)

    Phone 0800 222 070.

    Published: 4 November 2016