Physiotherapy Services Treatment Profiles

The Physiotherapy Treatment Profiles were developed by the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists Inc. (NZSP) in 1999 as a joint initiative with ACC.

The full Treatment Profile Handbook can be accessed on the ACC website.

Normal treatment numbers

The treatment triggers stated relate to a specific diagnosis without complications, which has been referred for, or has been accessed for physiotherapy treatment at an early, appropriate stage in the healing process.

If treating conditions that are a result of a Gradual Onset, please ensure that your services are covered by contacting the Provider Helpline on 0800 222 070.

List of profiles

The following are downloadable versions of treatment profiles currently approved:

Physiotherapy Treatment Profiles (XLS 45K)

Physiotherapy Treatment Profiles (CSV 27K)

Physiotherapy Treatment Profiles (TXT 27K)

Physiotherapy Treatment Profiles (PDF 68K)

Treatment trigger numbers indicate the number of treatments a client with a particular injury is able to receive before the provider is required to seek prior approval.

In cases where no treatment trigger number is associated with a Read code, providers can give up to a maximum of six treatments per claim, and if further treatments are required prior approval must be sought before providing any additional treatment.

If you consider that further treatments are required, then you will need to complete an ACC32 form before providing any additional treatment.

Effective date

If the client is treated for the first time after the effective date, then the profile applies. If the client is treated prior to the effective date then the treatment limit of 6 applies.

ACC contact details

If you want to discuss your individual options with ACC, eg a move to payment under the Cost of Treatment regulations, or some other aspect of your own contract, please contact our Health Procurement Team:

If you have more general questions, comments or suggestions to make on the process or options that might be considered, please channel them through your professional representatives so they can develop a unified view on behalf of the sector.

All other queries should be directed to the ACC Provider Helpline:

Last updated: 20 June 2014

Last reviewed: 9 June 2014