Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services

New purchasing arrangements for physiotherapy went live on 16 November 2009 with the introduction of the Physiotherapy Services Contract. Recent rises in costs for physiotherapy since ACC introduced the Endorsed Provider Network (EPN) contract were unsustainable for levy payers and the ACC Scheme, and the new contract will drive greater value for money without compromising service to clients.

Under the new arrangements the EPN, which delivered ‘free’ physiotherapy, has been replaced by a new approach to purchasing in which ACC pays physiotherapists a lower fee for service in return for enabling them to part charge clients for treatment. Decisions on whether to charge, and by how much, are made by individual practices.

The contract is an interim arrangement for one year. During this period, ACC will work with the sector on solutions to longer term issues. These include simpler accreditation processes, an enhanced quality framework and achieving good client outcomes. A long term contract incorporating these changes will come into force in November 2010.

A key feature moving forward is the increased focus on client outcomes, with physiotherapists now required to report against client outcome measures. These will generally include the Patient Specific Functional Scale and the Numeric Pain Rating Scale, or others depending on their relevance to the client.

Questions and answers

Commonly asked questions in relation to the new service arrangements for physiotherapy.

Key information on certification

Certification of physiotherapists against the Allied Health Sector Services Standard is a key requirement of the ACC interim contract for physiotherapy services, which will be offered to certified physiotherapists from 16 November 2009.

Outcome measure guidelines

Guidelines for the completion of both the Patient Specific Functional Scale and the Numeric Pain Rating Scale are now available for physiotherapists.

To view and download the guidelines, see the Guide to Outcome Measure To view and download the guidelines, see the Guide to Outcome Measure Reporting (DOC 243K).

Outcome Measure form

To view and download the new Physiotherapy Outcome Measures form (PDF 1.0MK) [Updated December 2009]. You can also choose from several different formats, which we have made available to you. These are:

Process updates

Key information on the ACC32 process (PDF 22K).

A range of process related issues were covered in these updates sent to all physiotherapists in the week beginning 9 November 2009:

Background research

Download the following background research:

How to move to payment under the Cost of Treatment regulations

You retain the option to provide services as a regulation provider under the Cost of Treatment regulations instead of under the interim contract. More information about this option is available by contacting our Health Procurement Team on 0800 400 503 or by emailing

Treatment profiles

The Physiotherapy Treatment Profiles were developed by the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists Inc. (NZSP) in 1999 as a joint initiative with ACC.

ACC contact details

If you want to discuss your individual options with ACC, eg a move to payment under the Cost of Treatment regulations, or some other aspect of your own contract, please contact our Health Procurement Team:

If you have more general questions, comments or suggestions to make on the process or options that might be considered, please channel them through your professional representatives so they can develop a unified view on behalf of the sector.

All other queries should be directed to the ACC Provider Helpline:

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