Collecting medical and other records

The form

The form, ACC6300 Authority to collect medical and other records (DOC 166K) is used by ACC to gain authority from clients to access records, that will help ACC decide appropriate entitlements for rehabilitation and medical treatment options.

The ACC6300 sets out the information ACC will collect.

Existing ACC167 forms still valid

Prior to the introduction of the ACC6300 in June 2014, ACC used the ACC167 Authority for the Collection and Disclosure of Information form. This form is still valid for historical claims as ACC is not seeking to replace all of the ACC167 forms in existing files.

These forms are still valid unless a client raises concerns about the consent they’ve already given for their claim.

In those situations, a client may ask to sign the new ACC6300.

Client authorities

From time to time, however, ACC may send you a letter or some other form of ‘authority’ that is supplied by our clients.

These likely won’t be recognisable as an ACC form, but they will provide direction as to what information the client is authorising ACC to collect.

Gather appropriate information

Finally, as a reminder, when ACC requests information from you, it’s important you only send information relevant to ACC’s request.

If you have any questions about this change, please call the Provider Helpline on 0800 222 070.

Reviewed: 22 August 2016