Data improvement: one main ACC identifier

As part of the continuous improvement to our records, ACC will be reviewing the information we currently hold about vendors, providers and facilities.

Vendors, providers and facilities with multiple ACC identifiers, and whose business situations allow, will be consolidated under one main identifier. This will simplify contact with ACC and the identifier can be used for all their claims-related interactions with us, including invoicing and receiving referrals. If the identified vendor, provider or facility is registered with the Health Practitioner Index (HPI) allocated by the Ministry of Health, their HPI identifier will be used as their main reference number with ACC.

For those that have a single ACC identifier we will take this opportunity, where applicable, to change this to their HPI identifier.

Until such time that ACC makes direct, existing identifier(s) will continue to be used.

If you require any further information, please contact

Frequently asked questions

What does ACC need from me right now?

Nothing. We will get in touch. Please continue to work with us as you do today until we contact you.

Will Providers who work at a number of organisations have one identifier to cover all the services they provide in various locations?

Possibly, it depends on the Practice Management Systems being used at those various locations and whether they have the option to bill hourly or per patient. We will review your situation on a case-by-case basis.

Will a single identifier be assigned to all the nurses in a practice? Will all the doctors in a practice get a single identifier too?

No, we will not be doing this. We will only be contacting individuals and organisations who currently have multiple identifiers in our records.

Reviewed: 24 March 2016