Register with ACC

Register with ACC

Any treatment provider who wants to receive payment for services from ACC must register with ACC. Health professionals who are nominated by employers to provide a certificate for an ACC client’s first week off work must also register with ACC.

Who qualifies for registration?

Treatment providers

Treatment providers who register must meet qualification, certification and other requirements as outlined in the registration forms and in the Treatment Provider Handbook.

Health professionals

ACC also works with ‘registered health professionals’, who can be nominated by employers to provide a certificate for a client’s first week off work.

Registered health professionals must meet the same registration requirements as treatment providers. They may be temporarily or provisionally registered or certified as long as they are acting within any conditions of that registration or certification.

Specified treatment providers

Providers designated as ‘specified treatment providers’ have special arrangements for invoicing and payment that include the option of hourly or fixed rates per treatment, reflecting the way they provide treatment.

Provider groups

Registration is open to all those identified under the Accident Compensation Act 2001 as ‘treatment providers’.

The table shows the vocations that qualify, noting the groups that are identified under a separate regulation as ‘specified treatment providers’.

Vocational classification

Treatment provider

Specified treatment provider













Speech Therapist









Medical Laboratory Technologist



Medical Practitioner






Occupational Therapist












Clinical Dental Technician


Dental Technician


Medical Radiation Technologist






How to register

Registration forms

You will need to complete one of the following forms to register with ACC as an ACC vendor organisation, and treatment provider or health professional. Click on the links below to download the relevant form, or phone the ACC Vendor Provider Registration Team on (04) 560 5211.

A note about counsellors

Currently, ACC recognises and funds three types of counselling under regulations:

  • Classification 90: Mental injury resulting from sexual abuse
  • Classification 76: Mental injury caused by physical injury
  • Classification 76: Work Related Mental Trauma.

Counsellors need to register using ACC’s relevant counsellor application forms. For information, see How to register as an ACC counsellor.

Applications must be complete

Please ensure your application form is complete and signed before sending to us.

Check that you have:

  • completed it correctly, including your signature
  • included a copy of your current annual practicing certificate
  • included one of the following forms of bank account confirmation that payment is to be made to (including the bank account name):
  • an original pre-printed bank deposit slip or
  • a handwritten deposit slip verified by the bank or
  • a bank statement on letterhead paper or
  • a letter from your bank.

Copies of the above are accepted.

Processing your application

Once you are accepted for ACC registration you will be advised in writing.

We will contact you if we cannot process your application for any reason.

Applications usually take 2-3 working days to process. Your application may be delayed if we require further information.

Vendor and Provider numbers

If your application to be registered as a vendor is accepted , you will be advised of your VendorID.

If you are accepted for registration as a Health Provider you will be given your own unique provider identification number. This will be a different number to the VendorID if you applied for both as a sole practitioner.

ACC uses provider ID’s to identify who has provided treatment, and vendor ID’s to track payments, and to monitor the performance of each individual organisation and/or health provider.

You must not share your unique provider number with other health professionals

If you are employed by more than one practice, you may need a separate provider number for each practice. Please contact the ACC Provider Vendor Registration team on (04) 560 5211 directly to find out if this is required in your situation.

Provider numbers for locums

Depending on the Practice Management System that you use, ACC may also accept an ACC317 Application for ACC locum registration form (DOC 165KB) for a locum provider number to be allocated to clinics employing locum staff. These are subject to the following criteria:

  • The practitioners using the locum provider number must be employed by the practice to provide ad hoc relief work.
  • Locum employees using the locum provider number must be of the same professional group, ie nurses cannot use a number allocated to doctors - they need their own locum nurse provider number.
  • The number of practitioners registered under one locum number must not exceed the equivalent of one full-time employee (over the period of one year).
  • ACC recommends that an individual uses a locum number for no longer than three months.

If you have an existing ACC locum provider ID, please notify ACC, by means of the ACC5935 Locum provider number details form (DOC 85KB) of the name, professional registration number and length of service of any new practitioner due to use your locum provider number.

ACC contact details

Send your application forms by post:

    ACC Provider Registrations
    PO Box 30823
    Lower Hutt 5040
    Or via email to

    Please direct any questions or requests for more information to us by:

      ACC Provider Vendor Registrations
      Ph: (04) 560 5211 or 0800 222 070

      Reviewed: 19 August 2016