Working online with ACC

Working online with ACC

A faster, easier, more efficient way to work.

Using online services improves the way we share information and makes it easier for you to do business with us.
Why do business online

What you can do online

Work securely and quickly, and let us do the work.

Call us on 0800 222 994 (option 1) or email us at to find out how to:

Online submissions

Claims - Lodging claims online results in faster registration and instant validation of mandatory data which provides confidence that what you’re sending us is right first time.

Medical certificates - Send us medical certificates the same way as you lodge claims, and when you do, also request additional services to aid your patient’s stay at work or return to work.

Request permission to provide more treatment - The ACC32 (request for prior approval of treatment) form, is used by providers to request additional treatments for clients

Clinical information - Help protect your patients’ privacy when you send us their forms, clinical notes, reports and other information.

Invoices - By submitting invoices online you can be paid faster, find out how your invoices are tracking and whether a claim has cover.

Online status

Claims enquiries on the eBusiness Gateway (DOC 262KB)

You can see if a claim has been successfully registered to ACC and find basic clinical information about the claim as well.

Invoice enquiries on the eBusiness Gateway (DOC 360KB)

Using the online website, you can review which invoices have been submitted to ACC, what their processing status is, and details of payments you receive into your bank account.

Technical jobs and development online

Read on if your systems aren’t working with ours, or if you have a developer who knows what an API is and wants to create services that integrate directly with ours.

Systems status for online services

Check this page for updates on any problems with ACC’s online services and any planned maintenance.

ACC developer centre’s APIs (external website)

We’re developing a suite of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to give our third party providers a quicker, more streamlined experience. Technical information provided enables developers to create services that integrate directly with us.

Reviewed: 22 March 2017