Work type detail sheets

Work Type Detail Sheets

The work type detail sheets in this section have been developed as an aid to assist occupational assessors to identify the requirements of selected work types.

How they were developed

The sheets were developed by occupational assessors and are based on the occupational classification system Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), 2006.

A further update was completed in 2014 based on ANZSCO’s 2009 and 2013 updates.

What they contain

The sheets refer to types of work available in the current New Zealand labour market and detail:

  • tasks
  • work environment
  • functions
  • activities involved.

What assessors can use

Assessors may choose to use these sheets or to develop their own for types of work they consider suitable for a client.

Accessing the sheets

To access the sheets either use the search function, or select an occupational group. The search is in the top right hand side. Enter a keyword, job title or code into the search field and click the Go button.

The work type detail sheets can be accessed through the following major occupational groups:

Updated: 17 December 2015