Making a Claim

Reporting fraud

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about someone you suspect, or know, is acting dishonestly towards ACC. Please supply us with more details in one of the ways we listed below. ACC treats all information supplied as confidential and ensures that every report is assessed and/or investigated.

How to report fraud to ACC

You can supply details to ACC about fraud by:

  • calling our toll free number 050822237283 (0508ACCFRAUD)
  • completing our online Reporting Fraud form

Examples of when ACC will investigate

  • Failing to advise ACC of a return to work while in receipt of weekly compensation.
  • Failure to advise ACC of earnings received while in receipt of weekly compensation.
  • Misrepresenting their accident and/or injury.
  • Misrepresenting their capacity to gain or continue entitlements.
  • Making false declarations.
  • Altering documents to obtain entitlements.
  • Falsely claiming the need for help in the home.
Medical provider
  • Claiming for treatments and services not provided.
  • Claiming times in excess of times spent with client.
  • Over-servicing for financial gain.
  • Forged billing schedules and documents.
  • Making false statements.
  • Claiming for patients that do not exist.
  • Falsifying pay role details to reduce levy liability.
  • Using incorrect PCU (classification rate) code to pay a lower premium.
  • Falsifying income returns to pay a lower premium.
  • Working for, or substantially for, cash to avoid both income tax liabilities and levy liabilities.

ACC’s fraud policy

ACC has a zero tolerance policy towards fraud. To support this policy:

  • ACC ensures that there are processes and plans that deter, prevent, minimise and detect fraud and that these are relevant, robust and in keeping with ACC values and the Code of Claimants’ Rights.
  • ACC will thoroughly investigate any fraudulent activity and take appropriate action against any person found to have carried out a fraud against it. This may include laying criminal charges in the Courts.
  • ACC will seek full recovery from the person or persons responsible, for any loss arising from fraud carried out against it.

The policy’s aim is to protect the fund and aid rehabilitation.

Published: 29 June 2010